Conference of Presidents

The Conference of Presidents is the body of highest political level of cooperation between the state and the Autonomous Communities and is at the top of the range of bodies of multilateral cooperation. Consists of the Government president who presides, and by the presidents of the seventeen Autonomous Communities and cities in Ceuta and Melilla.

The creation of the Conference of Presidents has been the most important initiative of recent years, both political and institutional framework, for the development of cooperation, since culminates the system of Sectorial Conferences and incorporates interadministrativas relations in Spain a tool widely developed and has proven its effectiveness in other countries of political structure composed. Was established on 28 October 2004. Given the nature and the political level of the conference, its scope is open and aims to discuss and adopt agreements on matters of particular relevance to the autonomic system. The currentInternal rulesoperation was adopted in the IV meeting held on 14 December 2009, modified in the VI meeting on 17 January 2017.

Since its creation in 2004, the Conference of Presidents has held six meetings, with the following command of day:

I conference of Presidents. 28 October 2004

  • Institutionalization of the conference
  • Development of CCAA involvement in community affairs Europeans
  • Analysis of the financing of healthcare.

II conference of Presidents. 10 September 2005

III conference of Presidents. 11 January 2007

  • Research, technological development and innovation (R & D + i): adopting aJoint document.
  • Agreement for the creation of sectoral conferences of water and immigration.
  • Creation of a working group to the development of the conference of Presidents.

IV conference of Presidents. 14 December 2009

  • Adoption ofInternal rules of the Conference of Presidents.
  • Spanish Presidency of the council of the European Union, for 2010, supporting the priorities for the presidency.Statement.
  • Gender violence and need to boost the tools to fight it.Statement.
  • General Debate on employment, sustainable economy, and agriculture, livestock, fisheries and Water policy.

V conference of Presidents. 2 October 2012

VI conference of Presidents. 17 January 2017.

Conference of Presidents 2017
  • Employment policies
  • Development of the principle of cooperation for the exercise of the powers of the different administrations in Civil protection
  • National strategy against the Demographic Challenge
  • Social and political pact for education
  • Development and implementation of the law of guaranteeing unity of market, Administration and Public Employment Digital
  • Momentum of the Social Card
  • Consumer protection mechanisms Vulnerable power
  • Sustainability of the welfare state and reform of the financing system
  • Development of the participation of the autonomous communities in the affairs of the European Union
  • Modificacióndel Regulation of the conference of presidents, adopted in the IV meeting held on 14 December 2009
  • Pact against gender violence

Agreements adopted