State Regional Policy (Autonomous Communities)

Spain is a decentralize State. It has a Central Government, Autonomous Communities (regions) and Local Entities. Find information on Spain´s State of Autonomous Communities (regional organization). Its legal framework and institutional relation of the General Administration of the State and Autonomous Communities (regions).


State Local Policy

Find information on the Ministry initiatives concerning Local Entities; institutional and economic cooperation with local governments. Access the Local Information System. Read legislation on local entities legal framework. What´s new on Spain Government Local Policy.


Internal Market Information System

The IMI intends to safeguard citizens and business rights in the internal market. The Internal Market Information System is an essential tool for administrative cooperation in the European Economic Area. Many national, regional and local public authorities are involved in the project.

Gobernanza Pública

Marco normativo estable y adaptado a las necesidades de nuestros ciudadanos y empresas